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Now showing at your local multiplex

Image without description I was listening to the music for Masters of the Universe on the radio, and Jo got the film confused with Guardians of the Galaxy, and it got me thinking of the more and more limited choices that other film studios had for a film title...

Random curse generator

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-May the ghost of Sigmund Freud sit opposite you, smirking, whenever you’re in conversation with your mother.

Use the form on this page to return curses based on the popular book 'Curses for Every Occasion' by Tracey Curtis and Robert Goller.

It uses the API that I developed.

Dalek invasion of art

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More Daleks. And art.

Olden times

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This was inspired by a trip to London to see my friends where everything was planned in advance to the last degree.

Pizza delivery

I've been playing with (formerly DALL-E mini) which is an AI model that can draw images from any text prompt as a way of creating cartoons without having to draw anything!

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