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Fiddling while Rome burns

Image without description This was inspired by the work of the American cartoonist Jim Benton in his book “Dealing with the idiots in your life”. Read more…

Scandi Noir

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We watch a lot of Scandi-type police dramas, and my partner noticed a common trope: Whenever the detective goes into a darkened building, she uses the most rubbish torch possible to find her way around. “Just turn on the light!” my partner shouts at the screen.

So, I got to wondering: Where do they get these torches from?

UI for getting credit card alias

I wanted to create a UI prototype of a 'credit card converter' - that is, an application which takes a credit card number and then converts it to an alias. This is a situation in environments where credit card numbers can't be stored due to PCI/DSS rules, and so an alias of the card number is used. Read more…

How to block online ads for the whole household with a DNS setting in your router

I read a lot of web-based articles on my phone during the day. I don't object to advertising, and I understand that some publications rely on advertising for some of their income, but sometimes the quantity and style of adverts that are interleaved into the article can make it difficult to read.

I've used ad blockers in the past, which rely on installing software on your PC on phone, but a few months ago I discovered that you can filter out adverts at the router level using a different DNS server. Read more…

Jane Austen pronounces on...

The celebrated 19th century novelist pronounces on a subject of her choosing.

This was a test video that I did for the Austen and Darwin series.