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Xmas 2019

xmas-1tree~2.jpg xmas-2matey~2.jpg xmas-3walk~2.jpg

A quiet Xmas with Jo and the cats, and a lovely walk on Salisbury Plain on Xmas day.

Luckily, it seemed the Army took a day off from target practice.

All cars are electric cars


Well - pure battery electric cars are obviously electric cars, but even petrol and diesel cars need an electric motor to start them. Read more…

Quicksort interpreted by Hungarian folk dance

Quicksort is a computer algorithm for efficiently sorting values. Say you're in an app, and you click on a heading to sort a list of emails into date order, then you'll be using a sort algorithm like Quicksort.

This video shows what's going on inside the computer when you click sort, through the medium of dance.

Jo in the garden

Jo-garden-centre.jpg Jo-garden.jpg Jo-snowdrops.jpg

Jo is always happiest when she's in the garden (or the garden centre).

Where to buy refurbished business laptops

Laptop computer

It’s often better to buy a refurbished Dell, HP or Lenovo PC from the original manufacturer. They are best placed to refurbish them, having a supply of second hand parts. (You can’t guarantee that third-party refurbishers will use original parts.) Read more…