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Xmas 2019

xmas-1tree-01.jpg xmas-2matey-01.jpg xmas-3walk-01.jpg

A quiet Xmas with Jo and the cats, and a lovely walk on Salisbury Plain on Xmas day.

Luckily, it seemed the Army took a day off from target practice.

Jo in the garden

Jo-garden-centre.jpg Jo-garden.jpg Jo-snowdrops.jpg

Jo is always happiest when she's in the garden (or the garden centre).

Unokay parking

A car parked with its rear wheels on the edge of a steep drop

Jo found this example of precarious parking on Google Streetview.

Unokay kitchen

A doorway with dangerous objects hanging over it

Jo likes to distract herself from the work on the house keep herself entertained looking at houses on RightMove.

I don't know what was going through the minds of the people who own this house when they thought: "I wonder where we could hang all our kitchen implements - I know! Above the doorway - that'll be handy!"

Cat pictures

catpics-asbo.jpg catpics-bootsy.jpg catpics-matey.jpg catpics-mrburns.jpg catpics-rosie.jpg catpics-solly.jpg catpics-tati.jpg catpics-tonguecat.jpg

Now you can look at cat pictures without your personal data being slurped up and flogged off to evil corporations.