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Meanwhile, in a bathroom on Skaro...

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This was for a friend of mine who is fond of Daleks.

That’s about all I can say, really.

Cats of Heathcote Terrace

Image without description Every street has its cat characters. There are so many cats in our street - I wish there was a noticeboard with their photographs, names, and owners, so that you’d know who they were. Read more…

Fiddling while Rome burns

Image without description This was inspired by the work of the American cartoonist Jim Benton in his book “Dealing with the idiots in your life”. Read more…

Scandi Noir

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We watch a lot of Scandi-type police dramas, and my partner noticed a common trope: Whenever the detective goes into a darkened building, she uses the most rubbish torch possible to find her way around. “Just turn on the light!” my partner shouts at the screen.

So, I got to wondering: Where do they get these torches from?